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Enable Night Shift on your iPhone and iPad to sleep better at night. Synchronise your devices with the cycles of nature to improve your health.

How to Enable Night Shift on iOS for better sleep every night

Blue light after dark prevents sleep

Last week we saw how to use Dark Mode to make Twitter easier on the eyes. Today we tackle the broader effect of the blue light that is emitted by our devices and it’s potential harm to our health.
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Do you turn off your Mac when you’re not using it, or do you put it to sleep?

You are getting very sleepy

Instead of turning your Mac off it can be put to sleep so that it can be revived instantly when you next want to use it. To do so is really easy, in fact, there are several ways to put your Mac to sleep.

In the image below I show how you can hold down the key, then the key, and then the key to put your Mac to sleep.

Showing Command-Option-Eject on the keyboard

Inducing sleep with Command-Option-Eject

Putting just the display to sleep

Sometimes you might just want to put the display to sleep while the Mac continues to work. will put your Mac’s display straight to sleep, without warnings.

Additional options with Control-Eject

The combo will pop up a confirmation window that gives a few different options: Restart, Sleep, or Shutdown.
Sleep Confirmation Window on the Mac

You can go a step further and shut down the computer completely with .

Sleeping remotely

Apple Remote ControlI bought my Mac back in the days when every Mac came with an infrared remote control. I personally use the remote control many times throughout the day, mainly for audio and video and always have it on hand.

Holding down the ‘Play’ button on the remote control for a few seconds will send your Mac to sleepy bo-bos.

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