Small Robots for Small Business

Traditionally used in manufacturing, robots are now rapidly finding their way into customer service roles. Can small robots like Anki’s Cozmo & Vector be practically useful to a small business? The following looks at how these two small robots, in particular, can be used in a promotional capacity.

Small Bots for Small Biz Promotion

The interactive nature and charming appeal of small robots like Cozmo & Vector can be utilised to grab the attention of passers-by. Once an observer’s interest has been piqued the robot can then promote the products & services of your business to them.

Imagine a cute little robot in your storefront, or at your booth at a convention promoting your business to people walking by. They may then be encouraged to come in and interact with the robot, potentially transforming the passerby into a customer.

Speech & Facial Recognition

Cozmo/Vector can lock on to the faces of people nearby using facial recognition, making eye contact and speaking directly to that person. Vector can carry out a basic conversation with someone using his built-in microphones and speaker. While Cozmo doesn’t have microphones he can recognise facial expressions, so a frown can be interpreted as a negative response while a smile can be processed as a positive answer.

Display Screen

The faces of both robots are screens that can be used as a display. Once Cozmo/Vector has a person’s attention he can interact with them and display promotional material on his face along with a call to action, such as a phone number or email address. Existing advertising material can be repurposed to fit the smaller screens of Cozmo (128×64 pixels) and Vector (184×96 pixels).

Promotional Videos

Even when the small robots are not out on the job, photos & videos of an endearing little robot promoting your business can be created and posted on your social pages.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Cozmo & Vector robots follow @CodingCozmo on Twitter and subscribe to the Coding Cozmo YouTube channel.

Periscope is Twitter’s live streaming video platform and the two are intimately entwined. If you’re not connecting with your viewers on Twitter you’re missing out!

If you're not active on Twitter you're only half on Periscope.

Periscope is Twitter is Periscope

Here are some of the ways in which Twitter complements and integrates with Periscope:

  • All Periscope broadcasts are announced on Twitter when they begin
  • A pulsating red “Live on Periscope” notice is present in your Twitter Profile while you are live streaming
  • Your Twitter followers can turn on Live Video Notifications to be alerted on Twitter whenever you go live on Periscope
  • Viewers can easily share broadcast publicly on Twitter from within Periscope while watching
  • Your past broadcasts can be discovered through Twitter Search

Create a Periscope Twitter List of Live Streamers

Twitter Lists can be a great way of creating ‘channels’ for viewing particular types of content on Periscope. For example, I’ve created an Aussie Live Streamers Twitter list that is useful for viewing Periscope broadcasts from Australia.

You could even create a Twitter List of all you regular viewers so that you can dip into that list from time to time to connect with them outside of your broadcasts.

As a Periscope broadcaster, a large part of your audience is already active on Twitter. Are you there connecting with them?

Vine is dead, it was announced yesterday. What now? Do you have a strategy? What can you learn from this and how does it impact Vintuitive’s Six Second Tech?

Vine is Dead!  How to deal with your content when a service dies.

Twitter’s short-form video platform Vine will close down in a couple of months and after that time your well-crafted masterpieces will no longer be accessible, not for viewing or for download. Vine has assured us that we’ll be given enough warning so that we can download our Vines before it shuts down the service. Still, that’s quite a blow to those of us who’ve stuck with Vine of the past three years or so.

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Now you can link to your Periscope account directly from your Twitter web profile!

How to add a Periscope Link Twiter to your Profile

Recently we saw how to turn on Twitter Live Video notifications so that you can be notified only when they go live on Periscope instead of every time they tweet.
(

Twitter has just released some useful new features that make it even easier for businesses to provide customer support on Twitter. I’ll show you how to set it up quickly and easily.
How to set up Twitter's new Customer Support Features for businesses

Customer support is live and conversational

Studies suggest that more people prefer to get customer support via Social Media than over phone and email. Social interaction with customers leads to increased brand loyalty and sales.

Integrate Twitter into your business’ customer support

We’ve already seen how to add a Twitter Message button to your website so that you can receive enquiries via Twitter’s private message system. This week we look at some new tools that Twitter has recently given us to improve our customer support services.
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Twitter has added finer controls over the filtering of notifications for people you follow, with a focus on live video. Here’s how to turn them on.

How to Turn on Twitter Live Video Notifications
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Enable Night Shift on your iPhone and iPad to sleep better at night. Synchronise your devices with the cycles of nature to improve your health.

How to Enable Night Shift on iOS for better sleep every night

Blue light after dark prevents sleep

Last week we saw how to use Dark Mode to make Twitter easier on the eyes. Today we tackle the broader effect of the blue light that is emitted by our devices and it’s potential harm to our health.
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