Twitter has released Night Mode to make it easier for you to tweet in the dark. Android Twitter users received this update in July and now iOS users can also enjoy tweeting in the dark.

Phone with Twitter in Night Mode

Blinded by the light

Have you ever tried tweeting from your device with the lights turned off?  The screen can be very bright even with the brightness level turned down low. If you are trying to do a bit of light tweeting from bed before going to sleep, staring at a bright white screen can be blinding. It can upset your sleeping pattern also prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep.

Twitter brings relief with Night Mode

With Night Mode turned on the white background is changed to dark blue and the colour of the text is inverted to a lighter colour, making it much easier to view what is on the screen.

How to enable Night Mode on the Twitter app

Here’s how to turn on Twitter’s Night Mode.

  1. Tap on the cog
  2. Tap on Turn on night mode

Wouldn’t it be useful if you could schedule Twitter’s Night Mode to kick in at bedtime automatically?

Stay tuned, next week we’ll look at something that will help you sleep more soundly.

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