From ensuring that your request is properly understood and carried out, to handing over the reins and helping you find your way, Vintuitive is dedicated to customer satisfaction.

The services offered by Vintuitive are comprehensive:

🌐 Website Design

Everyone’s situation is different. Some businesses require a website with ecommerce features and all the bells and whistles, while others simply need an online reference point that they can direct people to.

A business website should function as a powerful marketing and communications tool to attract new clients, establish trust of the brand, and provide credibility to potential joint venture partners.

Your new website can be easily updated simply by logging in with a username and password.  This feature is appealing to many clients who require regular updates and would prefer to save time and money by making these adjustments themselves.

⛑ Website Care Plans

Once a website goes live it is vital to protect it from malware and hackers that can damage your website. It’s also important to keep the website’s core technical aspects maintained to ensure it is running quickly and efficiently.

Vintuitive’s monthly website care plans include the following:

  • Daily Checks for Software Updates
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring to ensure your website is always available
  • Daily Backups to the Cloud
  • Daily Security Scanning to protect your website from attack
  • Priority Support (Response within 24 hours)
  • Speed Optimisation
  • Monthly Performance Report
  • 30 minutes of Support Time

📣 Social Media Optimised

Every website built by Vintuitive is optimised, not only for search engines, but also for social media. Your website is a central hub that unifies the network of social media platforms that you already use to promote your brand. Social media sharing facilities are integrated into the website to allow visitors to share the website with their friends and colleagues on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

📊 Statistical Analysis & Reporting

Understanding a bit about your visitors makes it easier to know where to concentrate your marketing efforts. Knowing whether visitors are coming from search engines, social networks, what websites are linking to you & what pages of your website are the most popular are just a few examples.

Vintuitive offers regular monitoring and statistics gathering with a variety of options. If you prefer to monitor visitors yourself then a comprehensive system can be set up for you and you can check in and view your stats as often as you like.

Or you can leave the task to Vintuitive to analyse the data and provide you with regular reports.

🎓 Training

There is often a certain degree of training involved in the handover and sometimes the client might not have time to investigate all the ins and outs. These busy clients benefit from one-on-one private instruction online at times that suit them. These sessions can involve face-to-face conversations using web cam, audio conversation and most importantly – screen sharing so that the client sees in real time what the instructor is doing and the instructor can watch the client to help troubleshoot and provide guidance.

Here is a satisfied customer being interviewed on a popular technology podcast about how she uses technology in her business.

She casually mentions Vintuitive in the conversation and speaks very highly of her experience:




💻 Real Time Assistance

If you need help at anytime you can contact Vintuitive and share a view of your screen and be taken through a procedure step by step.

Visit the Portfolio page to see some how some of these services have been implemented with previous clients’ websites.

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