From ensuring that your request is properly understood and carried out, to handing over the reins and helping you find your way, Vintuitive is dedicated to customer satisfaction.

The services offered by Vintuitive are comprehensive:

🌐 Web Design

Everyone’s situation is different. While some businesses require a website with supporting networks others simply need an online reference point that they can direct others to.

A website that can be easily updated simply by logging in with a username and password is appealing to many clients who require regular updates and would prefer to save time and money by making these adjustments themselves.

Vintuitive can make it so easy that you can update your website from a mobile device such as your phone!

🏠 Hosting

Once your website is built you’ll need somewhere to host it. Hosting can be provided at Vintuitive at competitive prices. Hosting packages are flexible to suit your needs. The added benefit of hosting with Vintuitive is that your website will receive additional attention:

  • Weekly backups
  • Plugins, CMS, & security updates
  • Domain Name registration & hosting
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • 99% Uptime Guarantee

📣 Promotion & Networking with Social Media

If you are not actively promoting your website and networking with other online communities then the unfortunate truth is that your website will not compete as well in the search engine results as well as other sites who do.

The range of online tools that can be utilised to promote small businesses is ever increasing and deciding which are the best to use for your business can be overwhelming.

Your own branded network of the most powerful Social Media sites can be built for you and connected to all the appropriate groups.

Every website built by Vintuitive gets a certain amount of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques applied as well as some promotion over the main Social Media sites to get the ball rolling. Then it’s over to you to jump in and get your feet wet in the communal pool.

Some clients love the Social Networking aspect and get really passionate and involved with the online communities. Others simply don’t have time to fit that in to their day and prefer to let Vintuitive take care it all.

Vintuitive’s own network can be used to launch your website to the world and provide consistent promotion. Your own brand will be built up and a wide awareness generated through use of a range of online services.

📊 Statistical Analysis & Reporting

Understanding a bit about your visitors makes it easier to know where to concentrate your marketing efforts. Knowing whether visitors are coming from search engines, social networks, what websites are linking to you & what pages of your website are the most popular are just a few examples.

Vintuitive offers regular monitoring and statistics gathering with a variety of options. If you prefer to monitor visitors yourself then a comprehensive system can be set up for you and you can check in and view your stats as often as you like.

Or you can leave the task to Vintuitive to analyse the data and provide you with regular reports.

🎓 Training

There is often a certain degree of training involved in the handover and sometimes the client might not have time to investigate all the ins and outs. These busy clients benefit from one-on-one private instruction online at times that suit them. These sessions can involve face-to-face conversations using web cam, audio conversation and most importantly – screen sharing so that the client sees in real time what the instructor is doing and the instructor can watch the client to help troubleshoot and provide guidance.

Here are a few satisfied customers having a conversation about Vintuitive’s services:

Sometimes live one-on-one sessions are not convenient due to time differences or other reasons. Some previous clients have found that instructional videos are the best way for them to learn as they can pause it, do a task shown in the video, then come back to the video. Vintuitive creates personalised instructional videos that involve your site so you see exactly what you will see when you log in to your site. These can be accessed online at any time in your own private area on the Vintuitive website that only you have access to.

💻 Real Time Assistance

If you need help at anytime you can contact Vintuitive on Skype and share a view of your screen and be taken through a procedure step by step.

Visit the Portfolio page to see some how some of these services have been implemented with previous clients’ websites