The best way to connect with your network online is though Live Streaming. It’s face to face communication, the next best thing to being in the same room. I’ve used live broadcasts to give technology and business tips.

Here are some of the past regular live shows that Vintuitive has live streamed:

The Six Second Tech Show!

A weekly series of video tutorials to help you be more productive with your time and your technology.

six second tech advert showing a stopwatch in an open hand on black background

Broadcasted on Twitter’s Live Streaming platform Periscope, each episode expanded on the short 6-second video tips there were posted every week on Twitter’s other video service, Vine. Each tip also had an accompanying blog post so that you had several different ways of consuming the tips.

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Conversations with Siri

A daily show on Periscope that taught you how to use Apple’s voice assistance Siri, aptly titled Conversations with Siri.

Apple has a strong focus on accessibility, ensuring its products can be used by people with disabilities. Voice assistance on devices is clearly very useful for visually impaired users. In later episodes of Conversations with Siri I interviewed several blind live Streamers and you might have guessed, I have a Twitter list for that: Blind Live Streamers

Some of the previous episodes on both Periscope and Blab can be viewed on YouTube.

Genuine Social Media

There is much to be said about the need to be authentic on social media. Genuine Social Media was a weekly broadcast on the now defunct live video platform Blab. I chatted with several notable Social Media live streamers, such as Chocolate Johnny, Ileane Smith, and others about being genuine online.

Genuine Social Media

Top Five Tips for Live Streaming Success

Do you want the top five tips to improve your broadcasts? These five tips were generated from viewer feedback.





Let’s Connect!

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