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A series of keyboard shortcuts delivered weekly that will increase your productivity on the Mac

These Keyboard Kung Fu lessons offer a unique training experience by combining several modalities of learning. Images and videos are used as visual mnemonics to show the finger manoeuvres as well as the result on the Mac’s screen. You are encouraged to then try the moves yourself to personally experience the effects. This multi-sensory approach provides multiple pathways for the information to reach the brain and is proven to be a more successful method of learning than trying to memorise a boring list of shortcuts. It’s also a lot more fun.

The Keyboard Kung Fu lessons are presented here every Friday and distributed on Twitter, Flickr, GooglePlus, Vine, etc.

With just one lesson a week, you’ll be able to easily incorporate the use of each new keyboard shortcut into your daily workflow.

Previous Lessons:
tab Switching Between Open Applications
tab Switching to a Closed Application
H Hiding Applications
Q Quitting Applications
X & V, C & V Cut & Paste, Copy & Paste
L Selecting the URL
delete Send to Trash
delete Empty the Trash
F10, F1 Audio / Visual Adjustments
Putting the Mac to Sleep
[ & ] Back & Forth in Finder and the Browser
esc Force Quit Apps
D Defining words
S Make Your Mac Speak
S Make Your Mac Listen
T Open a new tab
Switching Tabs
Revision: Tabbed Browsing: Revision & Exercises
F11 Decrease volume incrementally
Working with Text
tab Shift it and reverse it
A Select All


Learn how to defend yourself from productivity loss with Keyboard Kung Fu.
= command
= option
= control
= shift
= caps lock
= eject


If in doubt you can always hover your mouse cursor over the object and a pop up will appear telling you what key it is.


Plan difficult tasks through the simplest tasks
Achieve large tasks through the smallest tasks.

– Chapter 63, Tao Te Ching.



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