We’ve seen how to take down an app with Command Q in a previous tip. In this lesson we look at taking a more forceful approach to quitting apps.

The Mac Daddy of App Quitters

Sometimes when you really get stuck in a jam and there seems to be no way out this tricky little move can take down any stubborn apps.

Force Quit keyboard combo

Command-Option-Escape = Brings up the Force Quit Applications Window

The equivalent of Control-Alt-Delete on Microsoft Windows, the esc key combination brings up a window listing all the running programs so that you can select and force quit any program.

When to use Force Quit over the standard quit

Force Quitting can be very useful when an app has hung and won’t respond to the standard Command-Q move. When applications freeze up in this way they can prevent you from accessing the Finder, other apps, and sometimes even the Apple Menu. Force Quitting the hung app then is sometimes the only way to get back control of your Mac.

Important: Be aware that Force Quitting the offending app means that you’ll lose any unsaved information. Therefore, always try the Q move first, and if the app refuses to quit then unleash the esc combo.
Force Quit Window on the Mac

Force quit the current app without the Force Quit window

Sometimes you just want to quit the current application without bringing up the Force Quit Window. To do so just add the shift key: hold down esc for a second or two and the current application will close. The additional few seconds of delay prevents you from accidentally Force Quitting apps.

Now that the conflict has been resolved and harmony has been restored to your Mac you can return to being productive.

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