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Has a third-party app hijacked your Twitter account and is secretly inserting links into your tweets?  I’ll show you how to stop apps advertising on your Twitter account and put an end to those unwanted tweets.

Last week I demonstrated how to remove yourself from someone else’s Twitter list. This week I delve into another annoyance on Twitter and help you solve it in six seconds.
hooded figure with Twitter birds coming out of hood.

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iCloud logo with bandit maskHere’s another scam email that arrived in my inbox this morning, this time attempting to gain access to my Apple iCloud account.

You may recall the news sensation from August when a large number of nude photos of celebrities were taken from their iCloud accounts and posted publicly online. It turned out that these images were obtained by hackers using a targeted attack to extract account information, that is, their Apple ID and password.

As we’ve seen in similar incidents, these types of email phishing attempts are often launched from non-western countries and as such, almost always contain incorrect grammar or spelling mistakes that give the game away.
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iMac iSight lensHave you ever worried who’s looking at you through that little camera built into your computer’s screen? It’s easy to tell when the camera is in use because that little light comes on…right? What if that light was able to be disabled by a hacker who then turns on your webcam and spies on you without your knowledge? Without the ability to simply unplug the camera that question troubles some users.

A Sticky Solution to Suspect Stickybeaks

Technology writer John C Dvorak has mentioned that he takes some fairly unusual precautions for ensuring his privacy while online. Worried about not having any sure way to turn off the built-in iSight camera in his Mac, Dvorak sticks gaffer’s tape over the lens of the camera while not in use.

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Wordpress 3.4.1 logoWordPress 3.4.1 was released a couple of days ago and introduced a few new features along with some maintenance and security updates.
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