Last week I showed you how to create a Twitter list in 6 seconds. Today we’ll look at why it’s not always good to be on someone’s else’s Twitter list, and what steps you can take to remove yourself from a list that you don’t want to be on.

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How did I get on this other person’s Twitter list?

There are several ways in which you can be added to others’ lists. Your account may have been picked up by an automated list creator that is targeting a search term that you’ve used in one of your tweets, or someone may be in the process of manually building a Twitter list to make Twitter more manageable. They find you and add you to their list under that topic.


You may even get some engagement from people viewing that list or even some new followers.

Hot Babes in my area!

But what if this list is of a topic that you’d rather not be associated with, and these new contacts are actually a bit creepy?

Although it is not obvious, there is a way to remove yourself from another person’s Twitter list.

How to remove yourself from someone else’s Twitter list

It’s easier to do this on the desktop so I’ll show you how below:

  1. Click on Lists
  2. Click on “Member of”
  3. Find the Twitter list that you’ve been added to and click on the list owner’s avatar
  4. Click on the cog
  5. Click on Block
  6. Click on Block

Now you are no longer on that Twitter list and your tweets will not appear on that list’s stream. If you want to be removed from the list but don’t want to block the person, then you can unblock them after blocking them.

Be aware that if you are on more than one list created by this user, blocking them will remove you from all of that person’s lists.

The user is not notified that you have blocked them but if they try to visit your account they’ll see that they have been blocked.

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