Beware of emails pretending to be from YouTube.  I’ve received a few variations notifying me that my video has been approved or that I’ve received a personal message. It includes a link to your new video or a link to what looks like your inbox but it is in fact a third party website.

Contents of the email pretending to come from YouTube

The thing that raised alarm bells in my mind was that it was sent to one of my email addresses that doesn’t have a YouTube account associated with it.

Hovering over the link shows it is not from YouTube

The easiest way to tell if emails like these are authentic is to hover your cursor over a link in the email and look at the address that pops up. Eg: hovering over what looked like a link to my inbox was in fact a masked link to the spammer’s own website.

As a general rule, you should never click on URLs in emails from anyone other than your trusted friends.

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