Vine Vintuitive logo combinedAt the end of last year Vine rolled out it’s vanity URLs in preparation for the web version of Vine. Today Vine has come to the web.

Easily Share Your Vine Page

An aspect of Vine that has frustrated users in the past is the inability to share your profile with others on the web. That’s all in the past as users can now simply hand out their Vine vanity URL:
Now you can like, comment, and share and browse videos just as you do on the mobile app.

Watch a Continuous Stream of Videos in Full Screen

A new feature that Vine have added exclusively on the web version of Vine: TV Mode enables you to view a collection of videos in sequence and in full screen mode!

Vine in TV Mode

Vine displayed in TV Mode

And Vine have more features in store for the web version.

Log on at to get started.

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