Twitter launched the new profile designs today that include a new header photo. The new header photos are similar to the Google+ and Facebook cover photos though Twitter’s header photo is simply a background image. The user’s existing Twitter profile photo and bio details are instead automatically superimposed on the header photo. The release of the new profiles coincides with the rollout of the new mobile Twitter apps and will create a consistent appearance on all the iOS and Android apps.

Cape Crawford Tourism's Twitter Header Photo

An example of the new Twitter Header photos.

How to set up your new Twitter header photo

The image needs to be quite large at a minimum of 1252 by 633 pixels. Begin by creating a blank image in your favourite image editing software and then open an image that you’d like to use as your background image.

Add your chosen photo to the first blank image as a new layer. Alternatively you can simply crop or resize your chosen image to 1252 by 633 pixels.

Create some darkness at the bottom of the image by adding a gradient so that your Bio and details will stand out more.

Once you’ve created your header photo then it’s just a matter of uploading it to your Twitter profile. Go to Settings, then Design, scroll down to Customize your own and then click the Change header button. Now navigate to where your newly created header photo is and select it. Once it has uploaded click Save. Now scroll down to the bottom and cick on the blue Save button.

Here are some examples: Lost City, Australia Great, Vintuitive.

Screenshot of the new Twitter iPad app

The new Twitter profiles as seen on the new Twitter iPad app.

If you have any difficulty or would rather have one created for you, then you can contact Vintuitive to create one for you for a small fee of $25.

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