rwnd on the iPhone6Move aside Vine and Instagram, RWND is a fun new free app from Melbourne startup Zarfo that is taking the world by storm.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Instagram has the capacity to record 15 seconds of video, Vine has 6 seconds but the kids, their attention spans are getting shorter every day. RWND allows you to record a maximum of 2 seconds of video and then plays it back in reverse to create a video that has a total duration of 4 seconds. This simple rewind effect, combined with everyday life activities is recipe for some often hilarious outcomes.

If you find yourself only watching half an Instagram or Vine video before flicking to the next video then RWND is the app for you.

RWND Top Three of the Week

The RWND Top Three is a weekly series of video promotions run by Vintuitive that highlights the top three RWND submissions from the week and is published on YouTube, Instagram and Vine.

Using Vine to promote RWND

Vine is a great platform for viewing short videos and can be used very effectively to promote your brand. Here’s one of this week’s featured RWND:

Utelising YouTube to create competition among RWNDers

Each week a video around 30 seconds long is created and posted to YouTube to show off some of the most popular RWNDs that have been trending throughout the week. These compilation videos promote RWND to new users on YouTube and act as a teaser and motivate viewers to download and install the rwnd app.

A secondary effect is that these compilation videos also encourage competition among RWND users, who try to get listed in the ‘RWND Top Three’ video each week by creating the most interesting RWND. The Top Three RWNDers are contacted whenever possible and informed of their winning status and featured video.

The top three trending RWNDs for this week feature a running jump & twist with #rewind, an exploding water balloon with #balloonpopping and some awesome mountaineering with #repelling:

At the moment RWND is only available on the iOS platform, an Andriod version is currently in development.

Get the RWND app for free from the website:

Ask Vintuitive to help promote your brand

If you are interested in learning more about how social media and video can help to raise the profile of your brand then contact Vin for a chat.

* Just in case you are wondering about the use of the subheading Ain’t nobody got time for that, you can read about the popular Internet meme here: Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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