Keyboard Kung Fu logoHave you ever tried to memorise a list of keyboard shortcuts? Most of us have found a list of keyboard combinations and pinned them on the wall next to the desk in the hope that they’ll become a part of everyday keyboard use and increase productivity. I’ve done that a few times. I started using a Mac several years ago and have only recently learned more than the handful of general keyboard combos that make life easier.

So I’ve started a series called “Keyboard Kung Fu” to help make learning the useful keyboard manoeuvres much easier and more fun. For now I’ll be focusing on the Mac but may cover Windows keyboard shortcuts at a later time.

How to Memorise More Keyboard Combinations?

The problem with the list of keyboard shortcuts that you pinned next to your computer was that there is nothing memorable about two or three symbols or words printed in black on a white page. There is nothing for your brain to hook onto to make one line any different or distinctive from the rest of the items on the list.

This is the underlying concept of Keyboard Kung Fu. Each key combination will be delivered as an image or video showing you exactly where to place your fingers on the keyboard. Seeing the fingers on the keys will create a visual impression that will stick in your mind much more easily than a list printed on a page or screen.

Will There Be Any Bruising?

In Chinese, the term kung fu 功夫, is comprised of the word gōng, meaning “work” or “achievement” and fu, meaning “man” or sometimes “intensity”. Although the word has become associated with martial arts in the West, Kung Fu is natively understood in the more general sense and can, for example, be used to refer to an individual accomplishment or acquired skill.

Hopefully, by delivering the information in memorable ways, we can more easily learn these handy shortcuts to become a veritable Bruce Lee on the keyboard.

So What’s the Plan?

Each week a photo will be posted here on Vintuitive on the Keyboard Kung Fu page showing a particular keyboard combination along with a description of what it does.

Hand on a keyboard on the Command and Tab keys

Switch to another open application with Command-Tab

Occasionally the tips will be delivered in video format on Vine and you can always find them on Twitter by searching for #KBKungFu.

Follow along with the weekly deliveries, practise the moves, and see how long it will take you to get your black belt in Keyboard Kung Fu!

Quickly as you can, snatch the mouse from my hand.
When you can take the mouse from my hand, it will be time for you to leave.

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    Are you receiving Twitter notifications on your iOS device that have nothing to do with you? There’s a fix for that.

    New Notifications Center

    With the release of iOS 7 came the redesigned three-fold Notifications Center to give easy access to the day’s events, all your notifications or just those notifications that you’ve missed. What’s more, the Notification Center can now be reached directly from the lock screen, making access much easier and faster.

    Screenshot of iOS 7's Notification Center

    Receiving unwanted alerts in Notification Center

    (

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      Vine Arrives on the Web!

      Vine Vintuitive logo combinedAt the end of last year Vine rolled out it’s vanity URLs in preparation for the web version of Vine. Today Vine has come to the web.

      Easily Share Your Vine Page

      An aspect of Vine that has frustrated users in the past is the inability to share your profile with others on the web. That’s all in the past as users can now simply hand out their Vine vanity URL:
      Now you can like, comment, and share and browse videos just as you do on the mobile app.
      (

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        Twitter’s video service Vine enabled vanity URLs for verified accounts on December 20 and wasn’t due to open up sign-ups to those of us without the special little blue check mark until Dec. 23.

        Twitter Gives an Early Christmas to Everyone

        It seems Twitter decided to bring Christmas to us all early as I, an unverified user, secured my vanity URL just a few minutes ago.

        Vine URL Request

        Although Twitter will automatically reserve profile URLs that “mirror verified Twitter @usernames”, you’ll still need to register your profile in order to claim it. You may even wish to choose a Vine URL that is different to your Twitter @name.

        A Vine Profile Page Too?

        In Vine’s email to journalists it suggested that with the vanity URL we’ll also be getting a profile page that we can easily share with others:

        Like your Twitter profile, a vanity URL offers the ability to share profile pages easily like you can with a Twitter profile ( Vine profile URLs are optional and can only be registered by an existing Vine user.

        I suggest you don’t delay and go straight to and login to claim your own vanity url now.

        Vine Vanity URL OK

        To celebrate, I’ve compiled a bunch of Vintuitive Vine videos of a musical nature.

        Visit Vintuitive’s profile page on Vine when it goes live at

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          Australian Flag with Big BrotherAustralia missed out on being ranked among the world’s top 10 countries due to concerns over state surveillance and the lack of safeguards against it.

          While Australia ranks near the top of the list at 2nd position in regards to providing access to ‘relevant content’ we fare poorly when compared to other nations in areas such as providing universal access and ensuring freedom and openness. Where the ‘free and open’ web is concerned Australia comes in at a low rank of 30th out of the 81 countries surveyed.
          (

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            Twitter Opens Office in Australia

            Twitter AustraliaTwitter officially opens it’s corporate office in Sydney this week.

            Although the new Sydney office has been in operation for the past month, the official opening will take place this week.

            Twitter currently has around two million users in Australia and hopes to increase that number with the new office. The new local foothold will also be focusing on increasing it’s advertising revenue by offering sponsored tweets by Australian businesses.

            Former Google executive for the Asia-Pacific region, Karen Stocks will be joining Twitter as the Australian managing director.
            (

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              Control the Rundle Lantern Via Twitter

              Have you tweeted the Rundle Lantern yet?

              Last week the Adelaide City Council, together with local innovation agency Fusion opened up the popular inner city car park to the public to use as their own digital canvas with the new Rundle Lantern Twitter project.

              (

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