AnimatedSnapQRCodeThere are several ways in which you can add someone on Snapchat.  I’ll show you how to follow someone using the Snapcode but I’m also going to show you how to crack the code and break out of Snapchat!

Adding someone on Snapchat

A common method of following someone on Snapchat is to take a photo of the Snapcode, save it to the camera roll, open up the Snapchat app and tap on the little ghost at the top of the screen, then tap “Add friends”, then “Add by Snapcode”, and then tap on the Snapcode in order to scan it and add the new user.

That’s a lot of steps!

My Camera Roll is full of Snapcodes!

Saving every Snapcode to your camera roll is a bit of a lengthy way of adding new people. It also clogs up your camera roll with used Snapcodes.

There is a much easier way of adding new snapchat users but only if the Snapcode is external to the device, like out in the physical world, or on another device.

Here’s how:

1. Open Snapchat
2. Point the device at the Snapcode
3. Tap and hold the screen (or tap to take a snap)

If you took a snap in step three it can be discarded when you come back to Snapchat.

Here’s the Hot Tip: Snapchat can scan QR codes!

The Snapchat app can not only scan it’s own Snapcodes, it can also scan standard QR codes!


The reason why this is possible is because Snapchat bought the popular QR code scanning app for $50 million back in Dec 2014. Snapchat then secretly built the Scan.Me QR technology into the Snapchat app.

There is currently no way to link out from Snapchat to a lead funnel or purchase page.

Could QR codes be the answer?

Cracking the codes to take advantage of Snapchat’s secret feature

Most Snapchat users are not aware that they can use Snapchat to scan QR codes.  So how do you encourage them to use Snapchat to scan your QR code?

Those who use Snapchat are already familiar with the scanning Snapcodes.  So if your QR code looks like a Snapcode, it’ll be scanned by Snapchat users.  I call these “SnapQRcodes”.

Vintuitive's Social SnapQRCodes

I’ve given a subtle visual cue to indicate where the SnapQRcode will take you when scanned by colouring the ghost image with the colour of the social media brand.

These can be placed online, or printed promotional material, business cards, etc. to entice Snapchat users to your shop, website, or other other social media account.

You don’t even need a Snapchat account to do this. Any Snapchat user can scan your SnapQRcode and arrive on your landing page.

With over 150 million people using Snapchat each day, why would you not take advantage of this???

Go get cracking!

You can download your Snapcode and then stylise it yourself by creating your own stylised QR Code with this free online QR Code Generator.

Or if you prefer, you can contact Vintuitive to create one for you.

Has a third-party app hijacked your Twitter account and is secretly inserting links into your tweets?  I’ll show you how to stop apps advertising on your Twitter account and put an end to those unwanted tweets.

Last week I demonstrated how to remove yourself from someone else’s Twitter list. This week I delve into another annoyance on Twitter and help you solve it in six seconds.

hooded figure with Twitter birds coming out of hood.

Tweets are appearing on your timeline that are not from you

Your followers are receiving tweets from your account that look spammy. It’s not the sort of thing you want to be tweeting about.

An automated tweet by a third-party app showing how many unfollowers you've had this week.

A tweet by a third=party app showing how many unfollowed you this week, and a link to their website.

Some examples of these are tweets telling your followers how many people unfollowed you this week, or how you can get more followers by using a particular service, or some other form of advertising.  It can be interpreted by those who follow you on Twitter as being a bit spammy.

Impostor’s tweets may contain dodgy links!

Tweets from some third-party apps mask the links in your tweets and replace them with their own links without you knowing.

Usually the worst thing these links do is promote their service via your account. But there is nothing stopping any service you authorise from inserting links leading to malicious websites.  You don’t know how secure their system is and by granting them access you are also opening your acount up to anyone who is capable of hacking their system.

Revoke their access to your Twitter account

Thankfully, the solution is quite simple. You can relax, no one has hacked into your Twitter account and hijacked it. Instead, you have at some point in the past signed up for a service that requires that you provide them access to your Twitter account.

Most of the time this is perfectly OK but it’s good to be aware of what each service does before authorising them to use your account.

You can and should revoke access to your Twitter account for this third-party app. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Click on your Avatar
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click on Apps
  4. Scroll down till you find the app
  5. Click on Revoke access

Go through these apps occasionally to revoke access to any services that you no longer use.  If you revoke access to something that you want to keep using you can undo the revoke access action or simply provide access again when prompted by that app.

Read more about connecting or revoking third-party applications on the Twitter Support page.

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Last week I showed you how to create a Twitter list in 6 seconds. Today we’ll look at why it’s not always good to be on someone’s else’s Twitter list, and what steps you can take to remove yourself from a list that you don’t want to be on.

The Twitter logo being erased

How did I get on this other person’s Twitter list?

There are several ways in which you can be added to others’ lists. Your account may have been picked up by an automated list creator that is targeting a search term that you’ve used in one of your tweets, or someone may be in the process of manually building a Twitter list to make Twitter more manageable. They find you and add you to their list under that topic.


You may even get some engagement from people viewing that list or even some new followers.

Hot Babes in my area!

But what if this list is of a topic that you’d rather not be associated with, and these new contacts are actually a bit creepy?

Although it is not obvious, there is a way to remove yourself from another person’s Twitter list.

How to remove yourself from someone else’s Twitter list

It’s easier to do this on the desktop so I’ll show you how below:

  1. Click on Lists
  2. Click on “Member of”
  3. Find the Twitter list that you’ve been added to and click on the list owner’s avatar
  4. Click on the cog
  5. Click on Block
  6. Click on Block

Now you are no longer on that Twitter list and your tweets will not appear on that list’s stream. If you want to be removed from the list but don’t want to block the person, then you can unblock them after blocking them.

Be aware that if you are on more than one list created by this user, blocking them will remove you from all of that person’s lists.

The user is not notified that you have blocked them but if they try to visit your account they’ll see that they have been blocked.

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Join me every Friday morning on Periscope at 9:30am AEST for the live show of Six Second Tech in which each tip is discussed with additional related tips. Ask questions about this tip and others, offer your own tips and suggestions for future episodes, and meet others interested in the same topics.

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fireman's hose split into three outletsTwitter can be difficult to consume if you follow more than a handful of people. Instead of trying to sip from Twitter’s mighty firehose, you can enjoy the different flavours from several different taps, using Twitter lists.

Curate content with Twitter lists

It’s impossible to read every tweet from everyone that you follow on Twitter. We can use Twitter lists to filter content by topic. For example, I’ve created lists for Australia News, World News. free music, South Australian wineries, Adelaide Pubs, and many more.

Create a Twitter list for an event

If you know of an event coming up build a Twitter list before the event. The list can be made private for you own use or it can be made public and you can promote it and encourage others to use it during the event.

Be aware that when building a public list each person added will be notified, but accounts added to a private list will not be notified.

Use this to your advantage.
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Six Second Tech is a weekly series of short how-to video tutorials to help you be more productive with your time and your technology.

How-to videos on YouTube are too long

Let’s say you need to find out how to zoom in on Snapchat, how to take a screenshot on a Mac, or how to turn off Twitter notifications.  You might go straight to YouTube to search for these kinds of instructional videos. But tutorials and how-to videos on YouTube can often be anywhere from a couple of minutes to half an hour, or more!

What if you could consume this information much more quickly, in just a few seconds?

six second tech advert showing a stopwatch in an open hand on black background
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The Live Streaming app Blab has this morning released some long-awaited new features. Are you wanting to make money from your Blabs? Do you have a following on YouTube?

Upload directly to YouTube from Blab

Broadcasters can now upload their Blabs directly to YouTube, and hosts can now filter comments.

Upload Blab to YouTube

I chatted with Blab developer Jonas Daniels about these features and also some new, up coming features that will be released soon!
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Conversations with Siri on Periscope

A new live-streaming app called Periscope popped up a couple of months ago and it has already created ripples in the world of social media that have the potential to turn into a tidal wave!

Conversations with Siri: Review Preview

Discovering Periscope

Shortly after Periscope launched I jumped in and started showing my herb garden off, talking about the different herbs and their properties along with gardening techniques, accompanied by the ever present Bilbo the cat. I then started doing broadcasts of me playing the guitar and also giving short tutorials and tips on using the iPad.

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