Are you receiving Twitter notifications on your iOS device that have nothing to do with you? There’s a fix for that.

New Notifications Center

With the release of iOS 7 came the redesigned three-fold Notifications Center to give easy access to the day’s events, all your notifications or just those notifications that you’ve missed. What’s more, the Notification Center can now be reached directly from the lock screen, making access much easier and faster.

Screenshot of iOS 7's Notification Center

Receiving unwanted alerts in Notification Center

Non-related Notifications

While it is a very handy feature it has an annoying aspect that many find frustrating.

Ever since iOS 7 was released I have been pestered by the Notification Center alerting me of tweets that are unrelated to me. They contain no mention of me, are not a reply to one of my tweets, are not a retweet of one of my tweets, and seem completely random. The only thing that connects me with the tweet is that it is from one of the accounts I follow.

Taming the Naughty Notification Center

Perhaps you’ve searched through the manuals in an attempt to find a way of stopping these alerts. Alas, there is no mention of the problem there or how to fix it.

The solution is actually very simple:

The next time you receive one of these unwanted alerts, tap on the tweet to go to that user’s profile then tap the cog on the left to enter the settings area for that user.

Accessing the user settings

Tap on the cog to enter the settings for that user

Now tap on “Turn off Notifications” and alerts from that person will no longer appear in the Notifications Center.

Screenshot of Turning off notifications

Turn off notifications to stop alerts from this person

That’s it! That is all you need to do to stop the unwanted alerts. Repeat for each user that you don’t want to receive alerts for.

I’d just like to add that I have nothing at all against Amanda, otherwise I would simply unfollow her. For some reason Amanda’s settings were set to notify me of every tweet she made.

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