Twitter AustraliaTwitter officially opens it’s corporate office in Sydney this week.

Although the new Sydney office has been in operation for the past month, the official opening will take place this week.

Twitter currently has around two million users in Australia and hopes to increase that number with the new office. The new local foothold will also be focusing on increasing it’s advertising revenue by offering sponsored tweets by Australian businesses.

Former Google executive for the Asia-Pacific region, Karen Stocks will be joining Twitter as the Australian managing director.

Yesterday Karen tweeted:



Karen’s own Twitter account, @kazstocks shows that she is not exactly a heavy tweeter with only 31 tweets in the 16 months she’s had the account. I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot more tweets from Karen soon.

The increased presence in Australia also means that Twitter will be more effective at tackling online bullying by having closer contact with local authorities.

You can follow the official Twitter Australia account on @TwitterAU

TwitterAU - Twitter Australia

Contact Twitter Australia Support

I receive a lot of phone calls from customers wanting to get in touch with Twitter. It is difficult but not impossible to find Twitter’s phone number: 415-222-9670 but there is no point calling that number as Twitter does not offer phone support. Instead, you’ll be directed to the online Twitter Support page.

If you are having trouble accessing your Twitter account, or someone has hacked into your account, or experiencing some other problem with your Twitter account, you can visit Twitter Support, specifically, the Contact Support page.

Alternatively, you can tweet Twitter Support publicly at @twittersupport, or Twitter Australia specifically at @TwitterAU or Karren Stocks Karen’s replacement at Twitter Australia, @suzynicoletti.

How to deactivate your acount (must be done from the desktop, not mobile)

See also How to report violations.

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