I’ve just received a smartercharger and have been running it through some tests to see how fast it can charge my iPod Touch 5.  Keeping with the theme of the last post, we’ll see how this little backup power source can be a useful addition to any outdoor office.

Charge via USB

The smartercharger can be charged by plugging it into a computer’s USB port, or a 5 volt charger with a USB outlet. A red light comes on while charging and turns green to indicate a full charge.  It is said to hold it’s charge for up to 3 months, making it an ideal emergency backup that can be left in your bag for those times in need.  This handy little charger comes with a set of connecting plugs that hangs off the charger like a set of keys on a key chain.  However, there is not yet a smaller 8 pin connector on the iPod Touch so I just used the default lead from Apple instead.

smartercharger plugged into ipod touch 5

Charging the iPod Touch with it’s own 8 pin connector cable



After having first drained the iPod to 20% and receiving the low battery warning I turned on Airport Mode to prevent any further battery drain and plugged in the fully charged smartercharger.

Within 5 minutes the iPod was already at 60% and after 30 minutes it was fully charged.

smartercharger charging an ipod touch with ipad showing stopwatch

Using the iPad’s stopwatch to time the charging of the iPod Touch

That’s not bad for something only a bit larger than a lipstick!

Though not designed for the older iPad 2’s battery, I also tried charging the iPad with the smartercharger.  Beginning with the iPad’s battery on 50% I charged it for 1 hour and 45 minutes, at which point the smartercharger ran out of power but had boosted my iPad up to a 72% charge.

I’ve now recharged the little smartercharger and put it in the bottom of my bag where it will no doubt come in handy at some point.

Visit the website for more information: www.smartercharger.com.au

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