Vintuitive is bringing the Internet into the physical world with QR Cubes. The QR Cube is a fun way for people to interact with your business using a phone or other mobile device.

QR and the Mobile Web

qr codeWith the increasing number of people accessing the web from mobile devices, QR Codes provide a much easier way to access things on the web while on the move. With traditional printed advertising the visitor has to pull up the mini keyboard on their phone, type in the address hoping that no spelling mistakes or accidental typos are made, which, they inevitably are, meaning a second or third attempt is often necessary.

With a QR code, you simply bring up the QR reader app and wave your phone over object – it’s that easy!

Taking QR Codes to the Next Dimension

Introducing the QR Cube, by Vintuitive.

These three-dimensional promotional devices are a combination of two ideas – the desire to make QR codes recognisable by humans, and a real, interactive physical object made out of QR codes that provides easier access to a business in several ways instead of a simple single link to their website.

QR Cube

Going Social with Human-Readable QR Codes

Social QR CodeQR codes are traditionally designed solely for the eyes of electronic devices and made up of black & white blocks that make no visual sense and have no appeal to the human eye. The QR Cube, however, combines the colourful and easily recognisable social media logos with the otherwise boring machine codes, and provides easy access to the business’s social media accounts.

This enables human observers to visually discern the faces of the QR Cube to determine which QR code links to what account. A person could, for example, pick up the cube, twist it around to find the Twitter logo, point their phone at it to load the business’s Twitter page.

Imagine that, QR codes that are also human-readable!

Vintuitive QR Cube

Your own QR Cube acts as a functional ‘dice’ with your branding that makes a great marketing object that visitors can pick up, manipulate and interact with using their smart phone.

QR Cubes on Demand

Your business QR Cube can easily be made available for download from your website, which could be printed out and folded. Made from a single paper print out, QR Cubes can be hung in the business premises like a mobile or placed on counter for visitors to play with or even offer them as free give aways.

Paper QR Cube

Print out several in different sizes and use them as building blocks on a counter, behind glass or elsewhere out of reach.

The six sides of the QR Cube can contain links to individual pages of your website (or five pages plus one for your company logo), or to menus, brochures, or even to make a call to you directly.

Order your own QR Cube from Vintuitive today!

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