Have you ever visited your own website only to find it won’t load? If you have you’ve probably panicked and wondered if it’s just a problem with your computer or is the website down and inaccessible to the whole world. Perhaps you’ve then tried another computer or contacted a friend to ask if they can access the website to confirm your fears.

Before you contact your web host to enquire why your website is down you can use some free online tools to determine whether the problem is at your end or if your website is really down for the whole world.

Try some of these free online tools, there is no need for download, just type the URL of your website into one of the following online tools:

Down For Everyone Or Just Me?

    (thanks to the anonymous commenter)

If you find that your website is down for everyone then it might be time to contact your web host, or or perhaps even a sign that you should consider moving to a more reliable web host.



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