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Getting Social with the QR Cube

Vintuitive is bringing the Internet into the physical world with QR Cubes. The QR Cube is a fun way for people to interact with your business using a phone or other mobile device.

QR and the Mobile Web

qr codeWith the increasing number of people accessing the web from mobile devices, QR Codes provide a much easier way to access things on the web while on the move. With traditional printed advertising the visitor has to pull up the mini keyboard on their phone, type in the address hoping that no spelling mistakes or accidental typos are made, which, they inevitably are, meaning a second or third attempt is often necessary.

With a QR code, you simply bring up the QR reader app and wave your phone over object – it’s that easy!

Taking QR Codes to the Next Dimension

Introducing the QR Cube, by Vintuitive.
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Why is My Internet Speed So Slow?

Does your internet connection speed sometimes seem so slow that you might as well be communicating over two tin cans connected by string?

Every now and then you might find that it is taking an unusually long time to load a website. Is it the website, is it your connection, or is it something else?

Testing your Internet connection speed can help troubleshoot any connectivity problems that you may be having.
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Free Tool: Is My Website Down?

Have you ever visited your own website only to find it won’t load? If you have you’ve probably panicked and wondered if it’s just a problem with your computer or is the website down and inaccessible to the whole world. Perhaps you’ve then tried another computer or contacted a friend to ask if they can access the website to confirm your fears.
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