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Twitter’s video service Vine enabled vanity URLs for verified accounts on December 20 and wasn’t due to open up sign-ups to those of us without the special little blue check mark until Dec. 23.

Twitter Gives an Early Christmas to Everyone

It seems Twitter decided to bring Christmas to us all early as I, an unverified user, secured my vanity URL just a few minutes ago.

Vine URL Request

Although Twitter will automatically reserve profile URLs that “mirror verified Twitter @usernames”, you’ll still need to register your profile in order to claim it. You may even wish to choose a Vine URL that is different to your Twitter @name.

A Vine Profile Page Too?

In Vine’s email to journalists it suggested that with the vanity URL we’ll also be getting a profile page that we can easily share with others:

Like your Twitter profile, a vanity URL offers the ability to share profile pages easily like you can with a Twitter profile (e.g.twitter.com/TwitterForNews). Vine profile URLs are optional and can only be registered by an existing Vine user.

I suggest you don’t delay and go straight to vine.co and login to claim your own vanity url now.

Vine Vanity URL OK

To celebrate, I’ve compiled a bunch of Vintuitive Vine videos of a musical nature.

Visit Vintuitive’s profile page on Vine when it goes live at Vine.co/Vintuitive

Getting Social with the QR Cube

Vintuitive is bringing the Internet into the physical world with QR Cubes. The QR Cube is a fun way for people to interact with your business using a phone or other mobile device.

QR and the Mobile Web

qr codeWith the increasing number of people accessing the web from mobile devices, QR Codes provide a much easier way to access things on the web while on the move. With traditional printed advertising the visitor has to pull up the mini keyboard on their phone, type in the address hoping that no spelling mistakes or accidental typos are made, which, they inevitably are, meaning a second or third attempt is often necessary.

With a QR code, you simply bring up the QR reader app and wave your phone over object – it’s that easy!

Taking QR Codes to the Next Dimension

Introducing the QR Cube, by Vintuitive.
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YouTube? You Have 1 Unread Message

Beware of emails pretending to be from YouTube.  I’ve received a few variations notifying me that my video has been approved or that I’ve received a personal message. It includes a link to your new video or a link to what looks like your inbox but it is in fact a third party website.
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