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Last week I showed you how to create a Twitter list in 6 seconds. Today we’ll look at why it’s not always good to be on someone’s else’s Twitter list, and what steps you can take to remove yourself from a list that you don’t want to be on.

The Twitter logo being erased

How did I get on this other person’s Twitter list?

There are several ways in which you can be added to others’ lists. Your account may have been picked up by an automated list creator that is targeting a search term that you’ve used in one of your tweets, or someone may be in the process of manually building a Twitter list to make Twitter more manageable. They find you and add you to their list under that topic.


You may even get some engagement from people viewing that list or even some new followers.

Hot Babes in my area!

But what if this list is of a topic that you’d rather not be associated with, and these new contacts are actually a bit creepy?

Although it is not obvious, there is a way to remove yourself from another person’s Twitter list.

How to remove yourself from someone else’s Twitter list

It’s easier to do this on the desktop so I’ll show you how below:

  1. Click on Lists
  2. Click on “Member of”
  3. Find the Twitter list that you’ve been added to and click on the list owner’s avatar
  4. Click on the cog
  5. Click on Block
  6. Click on Block

Now you are no longer on that Twitter list and your tweets will not appear on that list’s stream. If you want to be removed from the list but don’t want to block the person, then you can unblock them after blocking them.

Be aware that if you are on more than one list created by this user, blocking them will remove you from all of that person’s lists.

The user is not notified that you have blocked them but if they try to visit your account they’ll see that they have been blocked.

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fireman's hose split into three outletsTwitter can be difficult to consume if you follow more than a handful of people. Instead of trying to sip from Twitter’s mighty firehose, you can enjoy the different flavours from several different taps, using Twitter lists.

Curate content with Twitter lists

It’s impossible to read every tweet from everyone that you follow on Twitter. We can use Twitter lists to filter content by topic. For example, I’ve created lists for Australia News, World News. free music, South Australian wineries, Adelaide Pubs, and many more.

Create a Twitter list for an event

If you know of an event coming up build a Twitter list before the event. The list can be made private for you own use or it can be made public and you can promote it and encourage others to use it during the event.

Be aware that when building a public list each person added will be notified, but accounts added to a private list will not be notified.

Use this to your advantage.
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Google Maps, FourSquare, Twitter and Google Search on a map of AdelaideGet your business on the map by taking advantage of local events with Twitter.

Adelaide is a happening place this time of year. We’ve already had the Fringe Festival, Tour Down Under, the Adelaide Festival, Soundwave, Womadelaide, Adelaide Food & Wine Festival, and there are many more events to come. Such events often draw many tourists from interstate and overseas and these visitors can benefit from your goods and services, if they are aware of you.

Be a part of the conversation

Even though your business may not be directly involved in these events you can still jump in and participate on social media as a neighbourhood authority. Your own local knowledge can benefit others who are wanting to find information about the area. Mingling with others online who are talking about the event raises awareness of your goods and services with these visitors and introduces them to your business.

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Twitter’s video service Vine enabled vanity URLs for verified accounts on December 20 and wasn’t due to open up sign-ups to those of us without the special little blue check mark until Dec. 23.

Twitter Gives an Early Christmas to Everyone

It seems Twitter decided to bring Christmas to us all early as I, an unverified user, secured my vanity URL just a few minutes ago.

Vine URL Request
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Twitter Opens Office in Australia

Twitter AustraliaTwitter officially opens it’s corporate office in Sydney this week.

Although the new Sydney office has been in operation for the past month, the official opening will take place this week.

Twitter currently has around two million users in Australia and hopes to increase that number with the new office. The new local foothold will also be focusing on increasing it’s advertising revenue by offering sponsored tweets by Australian businesses.

Former Google executive for the Asia-Pacific region, Karen Stocks will be joining Twitter as the Australian managing director.
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Control the Rundle Lantern Via Twitter

Have you tweeted the Rundle Lantern yet?

Last week the Adelaide City Council, together with local innovation agency Fusion opened up the popular inner city car park to the public to use as their own digital canvas with the new Rundle Lantern Twitter project.

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Twitter Launches Updated Profiles

Twitter launched the new profile designs today that include a new header photo. The new header photos are similar to the Google+ and Facebook cover photos though Twitter’s header photo is simply a background image. The user’s existing Twitter profile photo and bio details are instead automatically superimposed on the header photo. The release of the new profiles coincides with the rollout of the new mobile Twitter apps and will create a consistent appearance on all the iOS and Android apps.
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