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AnimatedSnapQRCodeThere are several ways in which you can add someone on Snapchat.  I’ll show you how to follow someone using the Snapcode but I’m also going to show you how to crack the code and break out of Snapchat!

Adding someone on Snapchat

A common method of following someone on Snapchat is to take a photo of the Snapcode, save it to the camera roll, open up the Snapchat app and tap on the little ghost at the top of the screen, then tap “Add friends”, then “Add by Snapcode”, and then tap on the Snapcode in order to scan it and add the new user.

That’s a lot of steps!

My Camera Roll is full of Snapcodes!

Saving every Snapcode to your camera roll is a bit of a lengthy way of adding new people. It also clogs up your camera roll with used Snapcodes.

There is a much easier way of adding new snapchat users but only if the Snapcode is external to the device, like out in the physical world, or on another device.

Here’s how:

1. Open Snapchat
2. Point the device at the Snapcode
3. Tap and hold the screen (or tap to take a snap)

If you took a snap in step three it can be discarded when you come back to Snapchat.

Here’s the Hot Tip: Snapchat can scan QR codes!

The Snapchat app can not only scan it’s own Snapcodes, it can also scan standard QR codes!


The reason why this is possible is because Snapchat bought the popular QR code scanning app Scan.me for $50 million back in Dec 2014. Snapchat then secretly built the Scan.Me QR technology into the Snapchat app.

There is currently no way to link out from Snapchat to a lead funnel or purchase page.

Could QR codes be the answer?

Cracking the codes to take advantage of Snapchat’s secret feature

Most Snapchat users are not aware that they can use Snapchat to scan QR codes.  So how do you encourage them to use Snapchat to scan your QR code?

Those who use Snapchat are already familiar with the scanning Snapcodes.  So if your QR code looks like a Snapcode, it’ll be scanned by Snapchat users.  I call these “SnapQRcodes”.

Vintuitive's Social SnapQRCodes

I’ve given a subtle visual cue to indicate where the SnapQRcode will take you when scanned by colouring the ghost image with the colour of the social media brand.

These can be placed online, or printed promotional material, business cards, etc. to entice Snapchat users to your shop, website, or other other social media account.

You don’t even need a Snapchat account to do this. Any Snapchat user can scan your SnapQRcode and arrive on your landing page.

With over 150 million people using Snapchat each day, why would you not take advantage of this???

Go get cracking!

You can download your Snapcode and then stylise it yourself by creating your own stylised QR Code with this free online QR Code Generator.

Or if you prefer, you can contact Vintuitive to create one for you.

QR Codes to Show How Food is Made

QR codes for foodThe popularity of QR codes has jumped recently with the rapid increase in the number of people using smart phones like the iPhone. The two-dimensional codes, resembling an empty crossword puzzle, are appearing more and more in magazines, newspapers, and other forms of traditional advertising.

With the addition of a free scanning app your phone can be turned into a scanner using the phone’s built-in camera.

Now QR codes are being developed to show consumers how individual food items are being produced.
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Getting Social with the QR Cube

Vintuitive is bringing the Internet into the physical world with QR Cubes. The QR Cube is a fun way for people to interact with your business using a phone or other mobile device.

QR and the Mobile Web

qr codeWith the increasing number of people accessing the web from mobile devices, QR Codes provide a much easier way to access things on the web while on the move. With traditional printed advertising the visitor has to pull up the mini keyboard on their phone, type in the address hoping that no spelling mistakes or accidental typos are made, which, they inevitably are, meaning a second or third attempt is often necessary.

With a QR code, you simply bring up the QR reader app and wave your phone over object – it’s that easy!

Taking QR Codes to the Next Dimension

Introducing the QR Cube, by Vintuitive.
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How to Make an Enticing QR Code

Perhaps you’ve seen a QR code on business cards, magazine advertisements or other marketing material.  They look like a square grid of black & white squares, like a virgin crossword puzzle.  QR codes can provide potential customers with easy access to your website, your email address, your contact details, make a phone call, SMS, and more. Instead of reading the small print on your business card and then pulling up the on screen keyboard on their phone and typing in your website or email address, or phone number, they can simply hover their phone over your business card.
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