Each client has different needs and one of Vintuitive’s skills is understanding and interpreting these needs.

Here are some of the previous jobs carried out by Vintuitive from small HTML sites to more complex database driven websites with integrated networks:

Geeks on Call

Geeks on Call

Geeks on Call is Australia’s leading technology services franchise group providing onsite computer and IT services to SME’s Australia wide. Geeks on Call required their old HTML website to be replaced with a Content Management System to allow for easier updates and additions.


Google Adwords Campaign

Mobile Website

MBC Foods

MBC Foods

Event caterer Caroline from MBC Foods had an old website that was about ten years old. The business was growing and the website really needed to be expanded, with more pages added.


Caroline also wanted to add a blog and to be able to add content herself, like recipes, etc.

Online Store

MBC Foods has a growing range of products and it was important that these be made available for sale on the website. An e-commerce area of the website as created with a built-in notification service that sends Caroline an SMS whenever someone purchases something from her online shop.

Currajong Clinic

Currajong Clinic website screenshot

A small medical clinic in Gin Gin, Queensland required an online presence. Nothing complicated was required, just a means of providing general information to the public about the practice and their services that can be accessed online. Seeing as one of main functions was to show the public where they are located, an interactive map with photographs was embedded in the Contact page.

The difference between this client’s needs and the previous example is that they are targeting visitors who are looking specifically for a medical clinic in Gin Gin, while Cape Crawford Tourism, for example, is targeting prospective travelers located all over the globe. The resulting package is therefore vastly different, each suited to the individual business’s needs.

Darwin Boat Show

Darwin Boat Show website screen shot

Built for the annual Darwin Boat Show this website also utilises a Content Management System thereby providing a richer user interaction and a more dynamic presentation. Instead of having to download, use an expensive website editor, then upload the revisions to the website, the website’s content can be altered by logging into the website’s backend.

Private area

The client requested a private section of the website be built especially for the exhibitors. This private section, only accessible with username & password, has information on setting up stalls and booths, site plans, and other related information that is not for the general public. It also has online forms for the submission of application.


A blog was added for the 2010 Darwin Boat Show to post a series of press releases and news items.

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