Smartercharger Takes You Farther

I’ve just received a smartercharger and have been running it through some tests to see how fast it can charge my iPod Touch 5.  Keeping with the theme of the last post, we’ll see how this little backup power source can be a useful addition to any outdoor office.
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    Working Without Electricity

    I really enjoyed today’s electricity blackout that extended across the whole suburb, what I now refer to as the Great Blackout of 2013.

    I had received a letter in the mail from our electricity company a few weeks earlier notifying me that the power would be turned off all day today and so I was prepared to spend the day offline but still keen to get some work done.

    Battery levels for the iPad

    Fully Charged is Fully Prepared

    It was important that the iPad was fully charged the night before to ensure they’d not run out during the day. I’d loaded it with the latest podcasts I had yet to listen to as well as some recently added music from Soundcloud, Jamendo and Free Audio Archive.

    Humans Need Recharging Too

    I knew I could use the gas stove to boil any water required for cups of tea and coffee but I soon realised that I had forgotten to grind extra coffee. I rummaged around and found the hand grinder though so all was not lost.

    Sure enough, as predicted the power went off bringing with it a pleasant calm to the neighborhood. The only sounds to be heard was the occasional bird call and the gentle jingle of the wind chimes.
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      QR Codes to Show How Food is Made

      QR codes for foodThe popularity of QR codes has jumped recently with the rapid increase in the number of people using smart phones like the iPhone. The two-dimensional codes, resembling an empty crossword puzzle, are appearing more and more in magazines, newspapers, and other forms of traditional advertising.

      With the addition of a free scanning app your phone can be turned into a scanner using the phone’s built-in camera.

      Now QR codes are being developed to show consumers how individual food items are being produced.
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        Getting Social with the QR Cube

        Vintuitive is bringing the Internet into the physical world with QR Cubes. The QR Cube is a fun way for people to interact with your business using a phone or other mobile device.

        QR and the Mobile Web

        qr codeWith the increasing number of people accessing the web from mobile devices, QR Codes provide a much easier way to access things on the web while on the move. With traditional printed advertising the visitor has to pull up the mini keyboard on their phone, type in the address hoping that no spelling mistakes or accidental typos are made, which, they inevitably are, meaning a second or third attempt is often necessary.

        With a QR code, you simply bring up the QR reader app and wave your phone over object – it’s that easy!

        Taking QR Codes to the Next Dimension

        Introducing the QR Cube, by Vintuitive.
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          Shop in SA with Vintuitive

          The Advertiser, Sunday Mail, Messenger Newspapers and adelaidenow’s Shop in SA campaign aims to encourage South Australians to support SA businesses by shopping locally this Christmas.

          This year Vintuitive is proud to join the Shop in SA team. See today’s Advertiser for your free coupon to receive a special from Vintuitive, along with 8 pages of coupons from other South Australian businesses. The digital version will be online Tuesday.

          Shop in SA, Adelaide Arcade, Rundle Mall

          Adelaide Arcade, supporting SA businesses since 1885

          Think before you spend this Christmas
          Support the local businesses who support you

          Photo by Amanda Slater CC By SA.

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            The Art Gallery of South Australia has joined Google’s art project website. The Google Art Project features high-resolution images of works from around the world, including from London’s Tate Modern and the White House in Washington. Now South Australia’s own Art Gallery is also on that list.
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              Free Wi-Fi for Adelaide Commuters

              Adelaide commuters will have access to free Wi-Fi on metro trams and 20 buses as part of a year-long trial. While the first bus with Wi-Fi is now in service the full trial won’t begin until January.
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