Perhaps you’ve seen a QR code on a business cards, magazine advertisements or other marketing material.  They look like a square grid of black & white squares, like a virgin crossword puzzle.  QR codes can be used so that anyone can simply point their smart phone at it and be taken directly to the business website instead of having to type in your website’s address.

Make your QR code look more appealing

Here’s the interesting thing about these 2 dimensional evolutions of their 1 dimensional cousin the bar code: because there is a lot of redundancy built into the QR code they are easily read even when partially distorted or obscured. This means that you can intentionally obscure part of the QR code for your own benefit by adding your business logo or photo.

Here are a few examples I have created as examples of what you can do:

QR code with business logo

Spice up your QR code by adding your business logo

By incorporating an image into your business’s QR code, it not only looks more interesting but it is more enticing and more likely to generate enough interest in the inquisitive passerby to pull out their phone and scan it…ending up at your website.

There are a few free generators online that you can use to create your own QR code. Here is one from Delivr – simply enter your URL and click the button. Once you’ve downloaded the resulting QR code, load it up in your favourite image editing program and make it more interesting by adding your logo. Try to avoid the three large squares in the corners and the smaller square near the bottom right corner as these are used for positioning and alignment.

Need a QR scanner app?

Free iOS QR scanner: Scan
Free Android App: Barcode Scanner

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