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Conversations with Siri on Periscope

A new live-streaming app called Periscope popped up a couple of months ago and it has already created ripples in the world of social media that have the potential to turn into a tidal wave!

Conversations with Siri: Review Preview

Discovering Periscope

Shortly after Periscope launched I jumped in and started showing my herb garden off, talking about the different herbs and their properties along with gardening techniques, accompanied by the ever present Bilbo the cat. I then started doing broadcasts of me playing the guitar and also giving short tutorials and tips on using the iPad.

Small screens, small keys – voice is the future

A lot can be achieved with voice and the amount of things that you can do with Apple’s built in assistant Siri is ever increasing. It seemed then, that Periscope would be a great platform to broadcast some more how-to videos. With it’s easy to use mobile app and it’s portrait-only mode, Periscope feels similar the short form video platform Vine, or even Instagram video, both of which I have used in the past to share how-to videos.

I’ve long wanted to push Siri to her limits to see if I can find new uses, or discover a new one of her quirky response that she has become known for. And so ‘Conversations with Siri’ was born.

Conversations with Siri

The concept of the show is simple, a short daily broadcast on Periscope that demonstrates and explores the different ways in which Siri can be employed to accomplish tasks that you are probably currently doing that hard way, with your finger.

A different topic is covered each day and is promoted on Twitter, Instagram, Vine, etc.

Audience Engagement

Viewers are encouraged to ask questions and offer up their own Siri tips in the live comments. Periscope’s heart feature also gives the user the ability to show their appreciating of what the host is doing or saying at any time simply by tapping the screen.

Often the conversation is carried on over at Twitter after the show. I always follow up with everyone who expressed interested in each broadcast on Twitter.

Some pre-show discussion occurs over on Instagram and Google Plus, which is where I regularly post the promos for each show about 12 hours in advance.

Sunday Sessions with Siri on Periscope

At the end of each week we look back at the past week’s episodes of ‘Conversations with Siri’, recapping what we covered and then looking forward at next week’s shows. Here’s Siri’s part of the today’s broadcast:

Next Week on Conversations with Siri

Next week we’ll be looking at the latest Siri-related news in episode 12 on Monday.

Because we are located Down Under we live in the future, and so it’ll be Tuesday when Apple’s Word Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) occurs, when all the shiny new things that are to come from Apple will be revealed. So we’re planning to have a look at some of these announcements. We’re expecting some very exciting news for Siri, if the rumours turn out to be true.

On Wednesday in episode 14 of ‘Conversations with Siri’ we go all Crocodile Dundee on you and show you how Siri rolls Down Under…crikey mate!

Thursday is our ‘how to’ session and this will be an exciting one! Did you think that Siri was trapped in your iOS device? You’ll see how Siri breaks out of you hand and onto the desktop with Siri on the Mac.

Then, due to audience requests, there’s another exciting ‘how-to’ in episode 16 on Friday: A Personal Assistant named Siri’.

We get into some deep thinking on Saturday and dig into some philosophy. There’ll be some difficult questions for Siri in this episode of ‘Conversations with Siri’.

  • Monday, episode 12: News
  • Tuesday, episode 13: WWDC
  • Wednesday, episode 14: Speak Australian
  • Thursday, episode 15: Siri on the Mac
  • Friday, episode 16: A PA named Siri
  • Saturday, episode 17: Philosophy
  • Sunday, episode 18: Recap of the Week & a look at the week ahead

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Vine Arrives on the Web!

Vine Vintuitive logo combinedAt the end of last year Vine rolled out it’s vanity URLs in preparation for the web version of Vine. Today Vine has come to the web.

Easily Share Your Vine Page

An aspect of Vine that has frustrated users in the past is the inability to share your profile with others on the web. That’s all in the past as users can now simply hand out their Vine vanity URL:
Now you can like, comment, and share and browse videos just as you do on the mobile app.
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Twitter’s video service Vine enabled vanity URLs for verified accounts on December 20 and wasn’t due to open up sign-ups to those of us without the special little blue check mark until Dec. 23.

Twitter Gives an Early Christmas to Everyone

It seems Twitter decided to bring Christmas to us all early as I, an unverified user, secured my vanity URL just a few minutes ago.

Vine URL Request
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Australian Flag with Big BrotherAustralia missed out on being ranked among the world’s top 10 countries due to concerns over state surveillance and the lack of safeguards against it.

While Australia ranks near the top of the list at 2nd position in regards to providing access to ‘relevant content’ we fare poorly when compared to other nations in areas such as providing universal access and ensuring freedom and openness. Where the ‘free and open’ web is concerned Australia comes in at a low rank of 30th out of the 81 countries surveyed.
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Twitter Opens Office in Australia

Twitter AustraliaTwitter officially opens it’s corporate office in Sydney this week.

Although the new Sydney office has been in operation for the past month, the official opening will take place this week.

Twitter currently has around two million users in Australia and hopes to increase that number with the new office. The new local foothold will also be focusing on increasing it’s advertising revenue by offering sponsored tweets by Australian businesses.

Former Google executive for the Asia-Pacific region, Karen Stocks will be joining Twitter as the Australian managing director.
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Control the Rundle Lantern Via Twitter

Have you tweeted the Rundle Lantern yet?

Last week the Adelaide City Council, together with local innovation agency Fusion opened up the popular inner city car park to the public to use as their own digital canvas with the new Rundle Lantern Twitter project.

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Smartercharger Takes You Farther

I’ve just received a smartercharger and have been running it through some tests to see how fast it can charge my iPod Touch 5.  Keeping with the theme of the last post, we’ll see how this little backup power source can be a useful addition to any outdoor office.
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