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Twitter has just released some useful new features that make it even easier for businesses to provide customer support on Twitter. I’ll show you how to set it up quickly and easily.
How to set up Twitter's new Customer Support Features for businesses

Customer support is live and conversational

Studies suggest that more people prefer to get customer support via Social Media than over phone and email. Social interaction with customers leads to increased brand loyalty and sales.

Integrate Twitter into your business’ customer support

We’ve already seen how to add a Twitter Message button to your website so that you can receive enquiries via Twitter’s private message system. This week we look at some new tools that Twitter has recently given us to improve our customer support services.

Here are the new features we’ll be adding:

Show that you provide support in Twitter search results

Twitter Profile on MobileWhen users search Twitter for your business a label will be displayed to show that your Twitter account provides support. This label also shows up when someone @mentions you.

Show times of availability on your Twitter profile

Indicate to your customers when they can expect a response from you by displaying what days and times you are most likely to respond right in your Twitter profile.

Add a Message button to your Twitter profile

A Message button will also be prominently displayed on your Twitter profile which is a great Call to Action, prompting customers to contact your business directly and privately.

How to add these new customer support tools

These features can be accessed via the new Customer Support Settings page on your Twitter Dashboard.

Just like when we saw how to add a Twitter Message button to your website, you must enable the setting that allows anyone to contact you via Direct Message (DM).

Watch the Instagram video below. The shorter six second version can be found at Vine.


  1. Visit your Twitter Dashboard at
  2. Click on your avatar and then on Settings
  3. Tick Receive Direct Messages from anyone
  4. Tick Show that my account provides support
  5. Add what times you are most available to respond to enquiries
  6. Add what days you are available to provide support
  7. Click Save

Make it easier for customers to contact you by indicating your availablity with Twitter’s new Customer Support features.

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Adding someone on Snapchat

A common method of following someone on Snapchat is to take a photo of the Snapcode, save it to the camera roll, open up the Snapchat app and tap on the little ghost at the top of the screen, then tap “Add friends”, then “Add by Snapcode”, and then tap on the Snapcode in order to scan it and add the new user.

That’s a lot of steps!
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